I’m Arun Vijayarengan, a Chennai-based entrepreneur, tech-aficionado, thinker, philosopher and a soon-to-be-author. That was the tweetable intro about me. You will find me adding a few more roles against my name in this colorful new year, 2016, so by this year-end, my intro will go beyond 160 characters.

My Thoughts, Philosophies, and Quotes

I love challenges and building stuff. I spend a lot of time thinking a wide variety of things, even on the topic that I have no idea. Keeping an idle brain is what I hate most. Many a times I felt that my mind acts like a bird. Yes, My mind is a bird. The bird flies so high, picks a topic, sits on a tree branch, keeps it under the toes, inspects for some time, then comes out with a thought/idea surrounding it. This is what happens when I go for a morning walk along the stretch of thought-provoking, beautiful Thiruvanmiyur Beach every day. That resulted in me coming up with a few philosophies and uttering some quotes as well.

I don’t google about my philosophies, quotes or thoughts before publishing them here. So if you find any of mine is identical to others, please do let me know in the comments. I will not remove it from the blog, instead, I will be happy to know that someone great has walked along the path that I do a marching on now; I will spend a lot more time walking. If you find my thoughts are unique I will take great pride in coming up with such ground-breaking thoughts.


I learn a lot about life by living it gleefully every day. So many times, I realized myself the epic saying “Life is Beautiful” and told my friends too. I would love to share my experience about it here. Here’s what I wrote in 2006, the moment when I realized why was I born in this beautiful world.

I do what my mind drives me to do. If you closely watch out I instruct my mind what should it do.

3 things I love to do

  • Stay Positive
  • Stay Calm
  • Act

What I never do

  • is keep a pile of bad assumptions in my memory.
  • watch sci-fi movie (as I take pride in having lot more ideas and wouldn’t spend hours fitting myself into someone else’s thoughts — Ideapreneur)
  • go through a novel (as I found my mind deviate and create my own novel everytime I set my mind in)

I’m on my way to publish a cool new book soon. Subscribe here to get updated about special offers at the time of book launch. Thank you from an eternal optimist.

Cheers and Happy New Year!

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